Friday, July 31, 2009

Here's is some Pictures of the recent
Internet Home Tours I've Visited
Not only do these Women have Beautiful Homes
They are Truly Blessed with the Gift of Decorating
I Absolutely Love & Admire each & every one
Down from there Furnishings to Accessories
Authentically Early American Inspired
Thank You to Each for Sharing Such Special Homes

My First Stop was Remember
When Farms 1889
Michelle's Prim Pefect Homestead All the Way in UK
Her Hues are Soft & Muted
This Home is the Diffination of Warmth
Pure Simplicity

Next Stop was The Olde Crow

As You can See her Home is Simply Stunning
~*True Reflections of Primitive Past*~

Then Linda Babb ~ The Primitive Stitcher

Linda's Home has me in AAWWW
I wait patiently for her Photo Updates!
Primitive Elegance at its Finest


And Lastly.....Pat Gaddy of
Old Bittersweet Farm

~ She's Truly Inspiring ~
I Absolutely love her
Traditional Taste & Style
Three Words Classy * Simple * Elegant

Hope You Enjoyed these Pictures as
~~~* much as I did *~~~


  1. Hi Margo, I live in Pa and am always checking out your ebay offerings. You have a wonderful way of displaying your wares. I am anxiously awaiting to see your home on your blog. I do hope you share it soon. Have a great day, Blessings to you and yours, Theresa

  2. Hi Margo,
    Your home tours were outstanding!Such inspiration!Thank-you for sharing.

  3. Hi Margo,

    So glad you have started a blog. You picked 3 awesome homes to tour. I love them as well!! Pure eye candy!!

    I have joined you as a follower! Thank you for listing my blog as one of your favorites. I so appreciate it.

    May I mention your blog in a future post?

    hugs, Linda

  4. Hi Margo!
    I love your blog and the three great homes that you picked to tour. Keep up the good work and welcome to the blogspot community!

  5. Spelling is a bit primitive in places.